Yucatan Senses

Wall Dispenser Holder / PET

$ 125

Store your YS hand and body soap with this wall bracket supply steel  brushed in black anti rust steel paint finish. Perfect place to store your products by the sink and showers. 

Mesures : 5.8 cm in length  x 6.7 cm width X 5.8 cm height. 

For PET products only. 

Base porta jabón de manos y cuerpo atornillable a la pared de acrílico negro. Perfecto para sujetar la botella contra la pared de cualquier material cerca del lavamanos o regadera.

Medidas: 5.8 cm largo x 6.7 cm ancho X 5.8 cm alto. Diametro cuello botella 24mm o 28mm

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